Don’t Want to Be a Smoker Any Longer

The same goes for pretty much any other habit you might want to get rid of. Obesity (related to overeating), nail-biting… the list goes on. There are many options at your disposal: the most popular ones include group or individual hypnosis offered by qualified therapists.

One thing to note here is that health insurance doesn’t usually cover hypnotic treatments. Not to worry though; there are special half-hour sessions available and they’re quite affordable as well. Believe it or not, this is enough to get rid of a habit. What happens during therapy is simple. The patient is asked about his previous smoking behavior and patterns that go with it and why he started. Then he is asked why he wants to quit. This helps therapists to extract enough information and increase the chances of success. The higher the desire dwelling inside a patient, the more susceptible he is to suggestions. If strong, hypnosis can hardly fail.

It doesn’t even matter how long you’ve been smoking for it to work. You might have been smoking for decades, but even one session with a therapist can make you quit instantly. This is far from being uncommon and scientific evidence supports it. It’s not 100% guaranteed though. Therapists also suggest listening to self-hypnotic audio recordings which ensures a more positive outcome of hypnotic treatment. In other words, it strengthens the likelihood of success.

Scientists make a strong argument why hypnosis might actually be the best way of ditching an annoying habit. That’s because other treatments often take a lot of your time and will before you start seeing any results. And smoking is something you’ve been doing for years, making it literally carved into your system, both physical and psychological. It’s no wonder that the saying goes “old habits die hard”. It couldn’t possibly be closer to the truth.

If you really want to quit, however, it’s recommended that you try more treatments at once. This can only increase your chances of making it happen. Don’t get discouraged too quickly though; some of them start working later than others, depending on the form of treatment you choose.

The best indicator that you really quit smoking is honesty. When you truly no longer feel a need to, you can be pretty sure you’re free from the habit. The rest is just making sure you don’t give in to temptation ever again. But don’t just ‘believe’ yourself – I suggest you ‘test’ yourself instead. See if you can last a single month without lighting a smoke. Can you truly make it? Don’t forget that while habits drive you into stuff you don’t want to do, in the end it is you who makes the final decision.

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